I’ve been writing things all my life, or at least since my parents bought me my first diary. Minnie Mouse did ballet on the cover and one page held an entry that simply read “I did math”. Now I’m a twenty-something journalist in my hometown. I almost never do math and I write about non-newsy things in my spare time.

I used to say in a perfect world I’d only write and it would pay my bills. At some point, when I wasn’t paying attention, that became my reality. I don’t take it for granted.

I’m a media professional with a background in television, print and digital journalism and a nearly insatiable appreciation for social media — I know, I know, social media is sort of ruining the world, but I really believe it can also be harnessed for good.

I appreciate whatever amount of time you spend clicking around on this site.

If you’re up for a conversation:

Email: elizabethws[at]gmail[dot]com

twitter/instagram: eslafleur

love & light.



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