Update 2

I swear we haven’t forgotten to update, we’re just in a waiting period. That said, I couldn’t let Infertility Awareness week pass without saying something. So here’s what’s going on — The timeline has changed since the last time I wrote. We were originally expecting Russ to have surgery in late May and thought allContinue reading “Update 2”

Fertility stuff: Update 1

If this seems like it’s out of left field, you might’ve missed my last post. This is an update. We had an appointment today to get the process started and we both left smiling. Seriously! After having a few weeks to process what is ahead and realizing that we are emotionally equipped to handle it,Continue reading “Fertility stuff: Update 1”

So here’s the thing

Take a deep breath and ask yourself if you’re cool with reading something very personal before you read this. This is going to get kind of science-y — think body parts, reproduction and things you probably should’ve been taught in health class. Some people may read it and think “I would never put my businessContinue reading “So here’s the thing”

I saved this site for one more year. We’ll see where it goes.

A week ago I was letting this site go. After four years of a website bearing my name, I decided I hadn’t made it amount to much beyond sharing my ramblings with a handful of people who already know and love me. That’s okay because that’s what I intended it to be in the firstContinue reading “I saved this site for one more year. We’ll see where it goes.”

As it turns out, I am very bad at writing these daily now

I came home from the hospital on the day of the Raleigh Christmas parade in 1987. The same parade was held on the weekend of or near my birthday every year of my childhood and still is. I’m a maniac about my birthday. Anyone who knows me well knows this. But I’m also a maniacContinue reading “As it turns out, I am very bad at writing these daily now”

Nerves got the best of me

I was invited to be a guest on Stories of the Upstate, a Greenville-based podcast that interviews people from the community. The host, Loyd Ford, is awesome. I’ve actually interviewed him before and found him to be fascinating. He believes everyone has an interesting story, a belief we have in common. But this isn’t aboutContinue reading “Nerves got the best of me”

That time I was definitely not a softball star

In the spring of 2002, I was 14 years old and in my second year on a recreation league softball team that took the game about as seriously as Justin Verlander takes the ALCS. It was slow pitch. I’d ended up on the team a year earlier when I’d missed the rec. league tryouts forContinue reading “That time I was definitely not a softball star”

A book and podcast I can’t get off my mind

  I just finished a beautiful book called ‘The Bright Hour’ by Nina Riggs, it’s the memoir of Riggs, a woman from Greensboro, NC who is battling breast cancer. From the beginning you know the book was published after her death. There’s no way out – no surprises. This person, whose story you’re going toContinue reading “A book and podcast I can’t get off my mind”