June 16th (to Livy)

Six weeks ago we ended up in the hospital in the middle of the night because I couldn’t feel you move – nothing I tried would stir you and I was terrified. We’d passed the pregnancy finish line. You were three days late and counting, but I still couldn’t believe you were really going to … Continue reading June 16th (to Livy)

I don’t care who you’re voting for

I’ve watched news stories that are not even remotely about politics turn into political fistfights on television station and newspaper Facebook pages. I’ve seen comments on a blog post about coupons become a laundry list of what’s wrong with Hillary Clinton. I’ve felt my blood boiling as I saw my own words twisted into a politically charged … Continue reading I don’t care who you’re voting for

One month

Today is my parents’ 36th anniversary. They’ve postponed anniversary celebrations until after our wedding because they’re working their butts off to get the farm ready for ours. This is not a fact I take lightly. I’m certain there’ve been more times than not in my life when my parents have put much more effort into … Continue reading One month

Just a technicality

So I did this little thing that, lord knows, Elizabeth Wren Sanders at many different ages probably thought would never happen. I said yes to loving someone forever. These are funny things, proposals. If done correctly then you already know you’re in it forever and saying yes is just a technicality. Regardless, what a thrill. … Continue reading Just a technicality

I’m no expert on love

I remember the phone ringing pretty early in the morning on Valentine’s day 1995. It was the only phone line in the house. I wasn’t expecting a call, seven year olds rarely do… particularly when they’re the youngest person in a household of five. The phone hung on the wall in the kitchen and had … Continue reading I’m no expert on love

The North is warmer than you’ve heard..

A few weeks ago I was standing on the back deck of someone else’s vacation home with my hands wrapped tightly around an unfamiliar mug full of some coffee flavored like hazelnut, vanilla, or a combination of the two. We were among some of the Northeast’s finest fall foliage, something I’ve only seen once before this trip. … Continue reading The North is warmer than you’ve heard..

we always say ‘i love you’ now

I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t know the Bruce Springsteen song ‘I’m on Fire’ existed until John Mayer covered it for his 2009 album. I was a senior in college and still in that swoon over John Mayer phase. Bruce Springsteen was just ‘born in the USA’ and nothing more. When my brother brought this … Continue reading we always say ‘i love you’ now

i once went to a model casting call…

I once went to a model casting call. Why? Because if you’re a 6’1” female with a fast metabolism and face that looks any degree better than.. I don’t know… a gargoyle, a lot of people tell you to try modeling. You know, when they’re not asking if you play basketball, volleyball, or whatever other … Continue reading i once went to a model casting call…

you just save some numbers

(This story is largely not mine. I’ve done everything I can to stick to the details as I remember them. Every word comes from the deepest well of respect I have inside of me.) ———————————————————————————————————————— My oldest brother wouldn’t hesitate to pick me up and throw me over his shoulder if it fit the joke. … Continue reading you just save some numbers

three things to do before 30

There is no shortage of internet articles about twenty-somethings. Everybody is writing about millennials these days. The posts by older generations tend to be unflattering. I’m tired of reading about how lazy and narcissistic I am just because I was born in 1987. Honestly, what’s lazier than broad-brush labeling of an entire generation? The posts … Continue reading three things to do before 30